Could it be possible I have Pyrroles Disorder and not know it?


A question we are being asked frequently these days is ‘What is Pyrrole Disorder?

Pyrrole disorder is known by many other names such as mauve factor, pyroluria, and kryptopyrroluria or kryptopyrrole disorder.

How does Pyrroles work?

This abnormality results in an overproduction of hydroxyhempyrolin (HPL). The HPL accumulates and binds to zinc and B6, preventing their use in the body. 

Essentially we become Zinc and B6 Deficient, wreaking havoc.

Environmental, emotional and physical stress will increase the production of HPL, which will lead to zinc and B6 being excreted from the body via the urine and hair.

What sort of symptoms would I be feeling if I can’t utilise my bodies B6 or Zinc?

There is a long list of symptoms associated with pyrroles, however, some of the more common symptoms are:

•   White spots on the fingernails

•   Irritable bowel syndrome

•   Pale skin, poor tanning or burn easily in the sun

•   Anxiety/withdrawal

•   Low-stress tolerance

•   Mood swings / explosive anger / tantrums / aggression / argumentative

•   Depression

•   Insomnia

•   Poor or no dream recall

•   Fatigue

•   Hyperactivity / irritability

•   Craving for high-sugar and high carbohydrate foods

•   Poor morning appetite/tendency to skip breakfast

•   Frequent infections

•   Allergies

•   Stretch marks (even without a large weight gain or loss)

•   Anemia

Ok, I have some symptoms, what else would I look for?

There are also certain conditions, which are associated with Pyrrole disorder. Some of the more common conditions are:


•   Depression

•   Allergies

•   Bipolar Disorder

•   Learning difficulties

•   Postnatal depression

•   Heavy metal toxicity

•   Migraines

Pyrroles can be diagnosed by a simple urine test, which detects KPU in the urine.

Supplementation of certain nutrients will help to reduce the HPL levels detected in your urine sample as well as decrease the severity of conditions, signs, and symptoms.

If you think you have pyrroles and would like more guidance and support to help you feel better, feel free to contact me here as I'd be happy to have a face to face consultant with you if you're in Brisbane, or I also connect with people from around Australia and the world via Skype sessions too.

Pam Hird