7 ways to naturally boost energy

You’re overworked, overstressed, tuckered out and tired because your schedule is jam-packed and because of today’s go-go-go culture. You reach for the red bull, coke, energy shots or copious amounts of coffee to help increase your energy levels. Although these options leave you feeling great for a short period of time as they stimulate adrenaline or spike your blood sugar levels, they actually leave you feeling even more depleted. Here are a few ways you can naturally boost your energy levels. 

  1. Eat for energy

    Sustained energy comes from eating a fresh whole food diet which gives you plenty of nutrients needed for energy. Your diet should be rich in fruits, veggies, lean protein, nuts, seeds, good fats and whole grains (if you can tolerate them). If you are skipping meals or have an erratic meal pattern you may miss out on nutrients, leaving you feeling tired. It is also important you are eating enough food to fuel yourself during the day. Restricting your diet can result in a lack of both calories and essential nutrients such as iron, B vitamin’s, magnesium and zinc which can negatively affect your energy levels. 

  2. Move your body

    Even though you are busy make time to move. If you don’t like structured exercise classes choose something that is fun such as dancing, rock climbing, hiking or anything that gets you moving that you enjoy. You can also incorporate incidental exercise into your day by taking the stairs, park further away from work or at the shop and walk over to your coworker's desk instead of sending an email!

  3. Get some sunshine. 

    Sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen in an office with fluorescent lights for hours on end will zap anyone's energy! Take a break, eat lunch outside or simply get up from your desk and stand by the window for a couple of minutes. The natural light will help wake you up, improve your mood, increase alertness and improve productivity. 

  4. Get enough rest

    If you are feeling tired and run down its time to examine how much rest you are actually getting! Are you sleeping enough and is it a restful sleep? Do you take time every day to really switch off and restore? If you are a parent then you know sleep is definitely not overrated! We need at least 7-8 hours of restful sleep a night to function properly. I know, it doesn’t always happen! Aim to go to bed before 10 pm every night. If you are struggling to fall asleep try some meditation or mindfulness to calm your mind and avoid using screens before bed. Once in a while treat yourself to some self-care whether it is a massage, a day spa or going to watch a movie.

  5. Cut out the energy zappers

    You want a quick energy boost so you go for the caffeine or sweet sugar-filled snack and then…. you crash! Ditch the red bull, soft drink, fruit juice, processed food high in sugar such as biscuits and chocolate and switch to fresh whole food such as a banana, apple, boiled egg or a handful of nuts to help boost your energy and reduce fatigue. 

  6. Stay Hydrated

    If your body is dehydrated one of the first signs is a feeling of fatigue. You don’t need fancy sports drinks, just water! You may not always feel thirsty, make a conscious effort to drink more by having a glass of water on your desk or carry a water bottle with you. If you sweat a lot due to hot weather or are active, you may need to drink a little more. Try and aim for at least a minimum of 1.5L of water a day. 

  7. Lighten your load. 

    One of the main reasons we are left feeling tired and overwhelmed is because we are constantly on the go. Do you find yourself constantly saying yes to people? Do you really want to be doing that thing you’ve been asked to do? It’s ok to say no and prioritise the most important activities. You are in control of how you would like to spend your time and energy.

Many people feel tired and exhausted, however eating a fresh whole food diet, drinking enough water, getting more rest, moving your body and saying no more can increase your energy and benefit your health.

If you're having trouble with your energy and would like more guidance and support to help you feel better, feel free to contact me here as I'd be happy to have a face to face consultant with you if you're in Brisbane, or I also connect with people from around Australia and the world via Skype sessions too.

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Pam helps women and men prioritise their health and wellbeing. As a naturopath, nutritionist and personal trainer she helps them take control of their mental health and various health conditions through natural medicine and healthy lifestyle changes. She gives realistic ways to help create a happier and healthier life. 

When she isn’t running her business, you can find her on the hockey field or creating some delicious food for her husband and kids.