Women's Hormones - PMS, Period & Conception

Having problems with PMS, your period or struggling to fall pregnant?

I chat with Amy about what is considered normal when it comes to your period, menstrual cup’s, some simple tips to help you fall pregnant and the 4th trimester.

Amy Mingin is a bachelor degree qualified Naturopath with a special interest in women's hormones and natural contraception. She has worked with the world renowned women's health expert Ruth Trickey in Melbourne and currently resides on the Gold Coast in QLD. She loves helping women from teens through to menopause, reach their inner hormone balance, guiding them towards energetic, fulfilled lives. Amy currently sees clients via her online Naturopathic clinic - Womens Health Online. When she is not deciphering the hormones of other women, you'll find Amy practicing her other passion - Yoga.

Amy is available for online consultations, you can book here