How Naturopathic Yoga Can Help You Relax and Re-Energise

You’re a busy working mum with young kids. You know there’s a lot of ways to eat healthier and exercise to reach your health goals, but you just run out of time every day. Am I right?

Or maybe you’re feeling the chill of winter and you just want to stay in bed? Maybe the kids have woken you up and your old friend “fatigue” is back.

Don’t you just wish that someone would wave a magic wand and give you all the answers?

So what if I said there was a way to not only exercise and energise yourself each morning, but there’s also a way to help you relax into sleep each night too. Would you want to know about it?

The benefits of yoga are well known, but have you heard of the latest style “Naturopathic Yoga”?

It helps you take your health to a whole new level. While you complete your 10 minute sequences (yes they are created because of the low time factor), you learn about and tune into different organs, systems and hormones in the body. It’s been created to give you the knowledge about WHY you’re doing certain postures and breathing certain ways so you can feel the effects for longer, and tune into your body’s self healing mechanisms.

Naturopathic Yoga takes you out of the constant mind chatter and into the feeling of your body. It helps you relax, balance and re-energise the cells of your body, and you don’t even have to leave the house to do attend a class! In fact, you don’t have to squeeze yourself into active wear, you don’t even have to wear a bra if you don’t feel like it.

My challenge and action plan for you, is to complete 10 minutes a day for 5 days straight and notice the changes in how you feel in your body AND your mind. Notice how clear your eyes are, how well you digest your food. Importantly, notice how well you sleep.

Follow the link below to access your first 10 minute sequence.