Pilates: So Much More Than Core Strength

We all know that Pilates helps with your core strength, reduces pain and increases flexibility. However there are so many more benefits. Particularly if you are feeling a little burn out, Pilates is a really good exercise option. Liza from Body Reforms in Scarborough, North Brisbane talks about the other benefits she sees as an instructor.

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Liza and Suzanna are Co Owner of Body Reformers Studio In Scarborough, North Brisbane. They offer small group and private classes in a beautiful beachfront boutique studio. Classes include Pilates Reformer, Matwork Pilates and Barre.  All classes are taught by highly qualified, professional and experienced instructors. Classes cater for all fitness levels with a focus on increasing strength, flexibility and functional fitness whilst developing a better mind body connection. The team at Body Reformers are dedicated to empowering our clients to become the best version of themselves.

You can find more information about their studio, class time and pricing HERE