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Calm AF - Transforming Anxiety

From uptight over thinker to Calm AF. This personalised program includes fortnightly online consultations from your practitioner, foundation herbs, supplements and functional testing.

Included are other tools, from emergency situations through to facilitating your sense of calm. You have access to the 12 crucial pillars of a resilient stress response and to a personalised yoga series created specifically for stress resilience by a naturopathic yogini. Also there are worksheets and tracking sheets to measure your success.

Unlike other programs, this program supports you individually at every step of the way.

 Please note this is an affiliate program and is not run by Pam Hird.

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Naturopathic Yoga™

You know that yoga class you’ve been putting off? The one that you have been meaning to get to. No need to put it off any longer!

Naturopathic Yoga™ is designed for people just like you. You're busy, tired and want something you can complete in your own time without having to fit into anyone else's schedule. You want to look and feel like YOU again.

Naturopathic Yoga™ is different to other styles of yoga because each series is themed for different health conditions e.g. Rejuvenation, Thyroid, Adrenals, Stress, Hormone imbalance & Digestion. So you can feel confident with your body transformation whilst you complete your yoga sequences, empowering you to know your body better and reach a new level of health.

Please note this is an affiliate program and is not run by Pam Hird.