Where do I start?

I won’t start from the very beginning because that is a long story. But if you’re interested in why I chose Naturopathy you can check that out below.
These days I enjoy spending my days helping people. Assisting women to take control of their mental health and finally feel relief from the grip of mental health issues and their physical effects. I don’t know, call me strange, but I really get a kick out of it. No bull!

I’m a mum of two very energetic but mostly well behaved rascals so of course, that’s not all I do! I spend a lot of my spare time cooking, cleaning, picking up after others, playing imaginary games of hide and seek, and did I mention cooking and cleaning? But you know what it’s ok, because I have things under control. Well as much as you can with kids!

These days I am able to run my own business and muster up the energy to play with the kids. And I’m able to enjoy life again!

It hasn’t always been this way.

You see I used to be anxious, stressed out, extremely fatigued, had skin and gut issues and really not healthy although I thought I was. Sound familiar?
I was working full time, studying, maintaining a household, representing my country playing hockey, working out at the gym, preparing to have children - doing all the things that typically seem like a successful life, but I was suffering. Big time.

I was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, occasional depression, sleep disorders, adult acne, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, emotional imbalances, and I was having major problems falling pregnant. Maybe you can relate on some level.

Things HAD to change.
Not only because we couldn’t fall pregnant (which was becoming heartbreaking to say the least), but also for me! For my emotional, physical and mental health. And like most women, I used to think it was selfish to look after myself. Sound like you? Well, it’s NOT.

I learned first-hand that you really can’t look after anyone else unless you first look after yourself. - Seriously, those self-love books are true. No matter how annoyingly positive and happy those perfect looking girls look on the cover - No hate intended AT ALL. It’s only natural to feel a twinge of jealousy when you see their glowing, energetic faces while you’re only just beginning your health journey. The message they give is POWERFUL and can really transform lives! That’s why I’ve taken on a similar message myself. 

Fast forward 10 years, I can happily say I am living the life I have always wanted. I no longer have a long list of health issues. I was able to finally take control of my health, properly support my family and live life the way I want.

I no longer suffer from my anxiety. I was able to take control of it so that I didn’t have to suffer through the debilitating, suffocating hold it had on me from day to day. Yes, it is still there occasionally, however it is that I control not the other way around.

I was also able to reduce my stress levels, help my skin and gut issues, and re-gain healthy sleeping patterns whilst getting my body to function in a genuinely healthy way so that I could have children – and then cope with the busyness that brings!

Am I right fellow mums?! I eventually had to go through IVF to have my children, (you can read about my IVF journey and all its gory details here) but I honestly don’t think I would have been able to undergo such an intense procedure if I didn’t already get my body and mind into a thriving state first. I now have two beautiful and healthy monsters to keep me busy in a very different way! And I absolutely love teaching them how to look after their precious little bodies and minds through
healthy lifestyle choices.

How did I do it?

Well, education was the first step. Lucky for you I have done (and continue to do) all the years of hard studying so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome!

Then it was through science-based testing, working off my own blood results and hair analysis tests that showed serious vitamin deficiencies contributing to mood. Once I knew the facts I was able to design a treatment based on my bodies specific needs and issues. That is the key to seeing results. Not googling symptoms and listening to random blogs endorsing old wives tales. (We’ve all done it. Maybe that’s how you found me!)

Once I knew what my body needed specifically to be able to deal with my physical and mental health concerns, I could implement natural treatments using carefully constructed herbal medicines, high-quality supplements and important lifestyle changes including meal plans to assist my body in its healing process.

This is the same method I use for my patients. Based on their specific bodies - Not reliant on guesswork. Not one size fits all type treatments.

But enough about me! You’re here for you and I’m so happy that you are. You can have confidence that you are talking to someone who is like you, who feels your pain and can honestly help you based on what actually works in the real world with all the messiness life can throw at you!

No woman (or man, because I do treat them too) should have to feel the way I used to when there are natural solutions to help you live a more enjoyable life.

I look forward to connecting with you in one way or another.
All the best for your health journey!

Pam 



 BHSc (Naturopathy) 
 Adv. Dip Naturopathy
 Adv. Dip Western Herbal Medicine
 Adv. Dip Nutritional Medicine
 Certificate III in Health & Fitness
 Certificate IV in Health & Fitness (Specialising in Personal Training)