Booking Policy

This booking policy makes transparent the expectations from both the client and practitioner during the time spent working together.  

  • Upon seeking professional guidance from Pam Hird Naturopath it is expected that you are willing to commit to the recommended health changes. Supporting strategies such as nutritional supplementation and tailored herbal remedies are imperative in our treatment places, the cost of which are exclusive of consultation fees.  
  • Queries and concerns relating to your treatment are encouraged to be listed and brought up with your practitioner within the consultation environment. This is for their legal and financial protection. For urgent queries, such as side effects to remedies (ie bright yellow urine from a B vitamin consumption), please contact the clinic.
  • Contact made to the clinic outside of business hours will be responded within a timely manner. Our business hours are Monday - Thursday 9AM - 5:30PM, Friday 9AM - 3PM.
  • Payment for any products acquired specifically for you, including premium herbal remedies, will be taken before any products are purchased or dispensed by the clinic. This is because these items are generally uncommon and will be obtained specifically for you.  
  • Bookings that require to be rescheduled or cancelled must be done so with a minimum of 24 hours notice.  
  • If non attendance with no cancellation occurs on more than one occasion, the clinic may request a $50 non refundable deposit for the next booking made. This is to cover the cost for staff and the clinic being open for your consultation.  
  • Your treatment and consequent results are partly reflective of your commitment to make the changes recommended by your practitioner and your compliance with prescribed treatment.  
  • In the event of referral, if reports or clinical notes are requested from your practitioner, their time in preparing this information will be costed to the patient, payment of which must be received before reports or clinic notes will be compiled.