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Burn out is a very real problem for Australian workplaces, athletes, students and high achievers.

When our bodies are in a constant and continued state of stress, our adrenal glands become exhausted. This stress can manifest as serious physical symptoms.

Signs of burn out can include everything from fatigue, headaches and lack of interest in work or hobbies, to weight gain, digestive problems, immune deficiencies, high blood pressure and anxiety.

Stress is now the most common reason for taking sick leave in Australia, and staff absenteeism is costing employers more than $33-billion in lost productivity each year.

As a result, a fast-growing number of employers are introducing employee wellness programs and other initiatives to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Studies have found investing in workplace wellness programs can increase employee engagement, improve staff retention, lower costs from absenteeism, and reduce compensation claims.

Pam Hird is an experienced Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, sought after by high-performance athletes and professionals alike, seeking professional and personalised support to optimise their health and careers.

Pam also offers valuable personal insights from her own come-back from debilitating anxiety and burn out following her successful sporting career as an Australian hockey player, years of study and becoming a busy mother of two.

Pam is available as a guest speaker, workshop presenter or group nutrition and health coach in Brisbane, across Australia and online for:

  • corporate health and wellness programs

  • wellness retreats

  • workshops

  • seminars and presentations

  • webinars and online programs

  • sports teams and athletic programs

  • students, study groups and more

Pam’s workshops, presentation topics and programs include:

  • Avoiding and recovering from burn-out

  • Performance and energy management

  • Gut health

  • Eating for energy

Alternatively, we can workshop a topic to suit you. 


Contact Pam today to make the first steps to improving the health and performance of your team, or to enhance your event with an insightful workshop or presentation.