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Pam Hird Naturopath + Health

Sandgate, Brisbane Northside

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Where should I start?


Hi I’m Pam

I help men and women take control of their mental health and various health conditions through natural medicine and healthy lifestyle changes.

I am a qualified and accredited Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Personal Trainer based in Sandgate on Brisbane’s Northside. I’m also a business owner, speaker, hockey player, creative cook, and busy mother of two healthy little munchkins.

You see I used to suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, occasional depression, sleep disorders, adult acne, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, emotional imbalances, and I was having major problems falling pregnant.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Through natural treatments including high-quality supplements, dietary and important lifestyle changes I was able to relieve my suffering and finally live the life I’ve always wanted for me and my family.

[Read More about My Health Story here]

You too CAN find relief from your suffering naturally, and start enjoying life the way you want to!

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions…

Why am I so tired all the time?

Why can’t I sleep? Do I have insomnia?

Why do I get headaches all the time? Is it food allergies?

Why can’t I lose weight?

Or maybe you are looking for natural remedies for Anxiety, Depression or natural anti-depressants?

You are not alone. And you have come to the right place.

Feeling tired, stressed and anxious, having trouble sleeping, suffering from depression, having gut issues, acne, fertility issues and trouble losing weight IS NOT NORMAL. And you do not deserve to suffer through it as much as you do any longer. Am I right?

There is a way out. A few in fact.

It can take time and effort but boy is it worth it!

Do you want relief from your suffering?

Do you want natural assistance to better control your mind and body?

Do you want to enjoy life again?

I can help you find a healthier you.

No woman (or man, because I treat them too) should have to feel the way I used to when there are solutions available to help you live a more enjoyable, healthy life.

Go ahead. Contact me now so we can get started on your journey towards genuine health and wellbeing.

Not quite ready to chat?

That’s ok. I have a free eBook on Gut Health for you to benefit from in the meantime.

Also, make sure you subscribe to my regular Blog so you can get all the helpful tips and tricks towards genuine health including grocery shopping hacks for a toxic-free home for your family.

Chat soon!

Pam ☺



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what our community is saying

I never realised how bad l felt until.....l didn’t anymore!!!!!!! Pam is a warm, approachable and knowledgeable practitioner. She has helped me with a wide range of complex health issues and regularly checks in to see how l’m feeling. I tried a few Naturopaths before with no success but Pam’s easy approach and quiet confidence was great.....l have and will continue to recommend her highly
— Karen
Pam is incredible, she is precise, to the point and so very knowledgable
— Nic
I can’t even put into words how much Pam has helped me over the past couple of years, I highly recommend her.
— Liza