Imagine life with a personal

Naturopathic Lifestyle Consultant

Whether it’s headaches, fatigue or skin issues, many of us suffer in silence with little niggling health issues that just won’t go away.

Maybe you’re trying to lose weight, improve your fitness, or increase your energy with healthy meals.

Or perhaps you or your family have just been struck down with the sniffles and you’re looking for relief from cold and flu symptoms. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own naturopath, nutritionist and fitness trainer to call on in those times of need?

This high level of personalised complementary health care is usually reserved for the rich and famous. 

But now you can have access to all of these premium services with a Naturopathic Lifestyle Consultant Membership with highly experienced Naturopath, Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer Pam Hird. 

What you receive:

  • One-on-one Naturopathy consultations with Pam in person, via phone, video call, or email

  • Nutritionist-approved recipes and meal ideas

  • Guided yoga and meditation activities

  • Fact sheets and naturopathic tips for common health complaints 

  • PLUS access to practitioner-only supplements and functional health testing (*additional costs apply)

 I offer three tiers of service

1 hour per month


2 hours per month



3 hours per month


Packages are billed monthly, for a minimum membership period of three months. 


Benefits of a Naturopathic Lifestyle Consultant Membership 

As Australians, we’re pretty good at taking our cars to a mechanic for regular servicing. If we hear a rattle, we’re quick to get it checked before it becomes something worse. And we understand those regular tune-ups are more affordable and better for the motor than running our car into the ground. 

Preventative healthcare is equally as important for our bodies. But when it comes to our own health, many of us are guilty of ignoring the warning signs and pushing ourselves to breaking point. I know that because I was one of them. At one stage, I was busy juggling full-time work and study with the physical demands of playing hockey at a national level, and all the gruelling hours of training and gym that came with it. I was suffering from anxiety, sleep disorders, acne, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, emotional imbalances and despite trying for two years, I couldn’t fall pregnant. My experience is what led me to qualify in science-based natural and complementary therapies, and now I’m a happy and healthy mum of two. Most importantly, I’m passionate about helping others with their health journey, and I understand the challenges, because I’ve been there.

My clients tell me they achieve the best results with consistent care and guidance, and someone to keep them accountable to their goals. But when life gets in the way, it’s easy to forget about making that next appointment. Which is why I developed the Membership Packages.

As your personal Naturopathic Lifestyle Consultant, I not only better understand your current health challenges and goals, but I get to know you and your lifestyle, and tailor my approach to suit your needs. 

Every month we schedule your one-on-one sessions at a time and place that suits you, whether it’s in my clinic in Brisbane, or from the comfort of your home anywhere in Australia via phone, video call or email. Providing seamless continuity of care, we always pick up where we left off, and if you need me in between, I’m just a click away. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been ignoring the warning signs and putting off those niggling health issues, or trying to lose weight or improve your fitness but you’re not getting the results you want, it’s time to make time for you.

Yes! I want a Naturopathic Lifestyle Consultant